Your opportunity to learn the art of mesmerism

Learning about Mesmerism will make you a better hypnotherapist (Click here to view our course prospectus.)

Hypnotherapists have an advantage learning about mesmerism. Many of the terms used are similar to hypnotism and hypnotherapists know how to work with trance.

Mesmerism will improve your success rate because deeper trance means better results with many conditions.

Mesmerism is both a bio-energy therapy and trance therapy, thus giving you another dimension to your practice. Mesmerism influences the electromagnetic field around a person’s body.

To learn hypnosis is to learn a technique. To become a mesmerist is to transform your personality – to develop your will power to project bio-energy to entrance your subject.

Research on the success of Mesmerism

There is over 150 years’ history of experiments and case studies of mesmerism done by professors and some of the best minds of the day. Many of the medical cases of mesmerism are written up in more detail than modern studies of hypnotism.

Training Courses

There are three training courses available:

Level I: “How to Mesmerise” – 2 day workshop

This is an introductory workshop designed to give an overview  and some basic fundamentals of mesmerism.

Day 1

  • Some history of mesmerism
  • Demonstrations
  • Long passes
  • Description of passes and speed of passes
  • How the mesmerist projects intention
  • Practice session
  • Demonstrating passes for awakening
  • Why slow awakening is best
  • Supervised practice

Day 2

  • Mesmerism with and without words
  • Mesmerism in India
  • Charles Dickens as a Mesmerist
  • Waking Mesmerism
  • Case studies of Mesmerism and Cancer
  • Case studies of Mesmerism in cure of arthritis
  • Case study in cure of back pain
  • Mesmerism of inanimate objects
  • Magnetized water
  • Where to find case studies of Mesmerism
  • Safe and unsafe mesmerism today

Level II: Mesmerism Practitioner Course

This is a one year course that combines the 2-day “How to Mesmerise” workshop with the 5-day intensive Practitioner Course, monthly on-line training, and required reading. After completion of the 5-day intensive ‘Practitioner Course’ students will be supervised with their first clients and they are required to write a research paper on mesmerism.

Day 1:  Mesmerism Therapy: 4 Principle Methods

• Mesmer’s theory confirmed by modern bioenergy studies
• Introspective trance therapy and development of the will.

Day 2: Mesmerism for Pain

• Mesmerism and the treatment of arthritis, back pain and headache
• Esdale’s use of mesmerism for anesthesia and surgery

Day 3: Magnetic Sleep and Psychotherapy

• Psychosomatic illnesses treated with mesmerism
• Darling’s Method of mesmerism for difficult subjects

Day 4: Charles Dickens as a Mesmerist

• Dickens’ use of symbolic projection in the unconscious
• Using Dickens to get press coverage for mesmerism

Day 5: Magnetic Energy Treatment and Diagnosis

• Diagnostic passes, sensations the mesmerists can feel
• Techniques of Phineas Quimby, America’s most outstanding mesmerist.

Level III: Advanced Mesmerism

Information about the advanced course is available only to those who are enrolled in the Mesmerism Practitioner course and who demonstrate a required level of ability at the end of the Practitioner course .

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