Your opportunity to become a skilled practitioner in the art
of mesmerism

Training is now available in mesmerism, the earliest and most successful form of hypnosis. Based on years of academic research into the most powerful secret techniques of Mesmer and his disciples.

Mesmer did not teach openly. His students paid a high fee to join the Society of Harmony and be privy to its secrets.

James Pool is the only living person to know Mesmer’s secret teachings. These were passed down by the few aristocratic disciples to survive the French revolution. These men felt that Mesmer’s secret teachings were too powerful to reveal to the public for fear they would be misused in an age of national hatreds. One of the last men to know Mesmer’s secrets, a prominent and wealthy Swiss psychiatrist, told them to James Pool to keep them from dying out.

Why should the modern hypnotherapist study mesmerism?

Mesmerism was abandoned for political and theoretical reasons not because it didn’t work. Doctors went over to hypnotism because it’s theory sounded more ‘scientific’. However, a modern study of mesmerism has shown that mesmerism produces a deeper trance than hypnotism and a richer trance experience for the client.

Other modern studies have shown that mesmerism has a positive effect on the bodies energy field in a way that hypnotism does not. There is over a hundred and fifty years of research into mesmerism that shows it was more effective in treating certain illnesses like arthritis and back pain than hypnotism.

This is a unique opportunity for hypnotherapists to dramatically improve their success rate and treat new illnesses by studying mesmerism

Set yourself apart from other hypnotherapists by specializing in this exciting field.

Some testimonials from students on the Practitioner course:

Many famous people practiced mesmerism such as Charles Dickens, Alexander Dumas, (author of The Count of Monte Cristo), the Duchess of Bourbon, the Marquis de LaFayette and the Archbishop of Dublin.

Naturally they had wealthy, aristocratic and even royal clients. Consequently, even today this is a therapy that will appeal to a more affluent clientele. There are many historical talking points about famous mesmerists that can be used to publicize your practice with the media.

Sometimes it is difficult to come up with something new about hypnotism for the media but mesmerism is so old it is new again. Just as an old piece of furniture, after a number of years becomes a much sort after and high priced